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Classroom 168

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Chicago, IL
Donation: $243
Mrs. Walsh'
s Classroom 


3/8" Cotton Webbing Ukulele Strap (16)
Nylong Classical Guitar/Ukulele Strap (10)

From the Teacher

We are so HAPPY to have these guitar and ukulele straps! Before we got them, my disabled students struggled to hold their instrument while they played. Now, with the help of these straps, my students feel much more secure and show that by strumming their instruments freely and not dropping their instruments as often. Next we will be working on strumming patterns, and learning to play along with some of our favorite songs.

When I first showed students the new straps, I told them about the way Donor's Choose works. Orlando was amazed; "You mean people out there just GAVE them to us because you asked?" he asked. I used this opportunity to talk about generosity, and how some people can afford to be generous with their money (many of my students' families cannot), while others can afford to be generous with their time. I asked them to 'pay it forward' by helping someone else in need, whether it is someone in school that needs help practicing math facts, or someone at home who needs help getting a job done. 

Donors, Thank You for being role models in generosity! My impoverished and disabled students struggle in so many ways. So many of them live at poverty level, have physical disabilities that limit their movement, diseases that severely impair their health, or learning/emotional disabilities that prevent them from learning and functioning as you or I do. I wish I could give you the gift of the delight and wonder I sensed in them when they realized someone cared enough to give them things that will help them succeed!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Walsh

From the Students


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