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Classroom 179


From the Teacher

We can not begin to thank you enough for your generosity. My students and I were so excited when we received the supplies that you gave to us. The following day we did a Valentine's day project with the construction paper that you sent to us and they were so happy! We even made it into a bulletin board for the hallway. I will be sure to upload a picture of that for you. For Dr. Seuss day we covered our door with some of the construction paper as well. It has been so nice to work with the children on projects and not have to worry about independently purchasing all of my materials.

My students were very eager to write their thank you cards with their brand new pencils. Through out this year we have had to "make due" with the pencils that we have. They are not the best, and they are short and have little to no erasers left. With my own money I have purchased erasers and extra supplies but it can be very expensive with a larger class. I thank you again immensely for contributing to our classroom supplies.

Our next step is to utilize our new writers notebooks. We are going to use them for our readers response notebooks. I will be teaching my First graders how to respond to different texts in which they have read. They will write a readers response and then draw a picture to accompany it. I am so excited to start this with them.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Viveiros

From the Students


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