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Classroom 182


From the Teacher

Thank you so much for the steel pans. The kids are having a blast playing melodies and rhythms on the steel pans and simply can't get enough. The instruments are very playable for beginners since the notes are written on the pans. One great moment took place when our trumpeter decided to show the other students how to properly play the pans. The over-exaggeration of his movements created a priceless moment for the class.

When the students first saw the steel pans, they immediately ran to them and started looking for mallets. After having a conversation with them on how to treat and care for the pans, I gave the kids the rubber-tip mallets and let them jam. The students figured out the melody to Lean On Me and proceeded to play the song for a good bit with the rhythm section. The second day of having the instruments, the students showed to school with bandannas from the Caribbean, once again, a priceless moment.

The next steps will be to incorporate the pans into the school's stage band performances. Through graduations, talent shows and similar venues, the students will continue to develop and build confidence playing the pans and connecting with the Caribbean.

With gratitude,
Mr. Parker

From the Students


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