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Classroom 184


From the Teacher

I use technology in many ways teaching visual art. My students learn how to really see what they are looking at when I guide them with full scale images of master works. They watch me model techniques, live, using specific art tools. Students also share the results of their artistic explorations (especially 2D pieces) with the whole class instantly using the document camera and projection system. It is absolutely magnificent! Students are able to maintain full engagement in my teaching and their sharing. Images are visually clear, full of color, and representative of all the actual detail from the original artwork.

The new technology equipment is most exciting to me when I consider the increased engagement my students present during whole class instruction. Since I started my teaching career seventeen years ago, I have noticed that children today seem to be easily distracted with mental overload related to all the issues in daily life. Having this new technology helps me engage them in daily learning tasks with enthusiasm. 

A powerful aspect of this new technology, is that it has been embraced by, and empowered all my students including; those with innate artistic talent, some with learning disabilities, and many who love to learn with images--the children who tend to see the world with their right brain, the creative problem solvers of the future!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Luteran


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