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Classroom 185

From the Teacher

The Mustang MakerSpace has been buzzing with creativity with the 3D Doodler pens funded. The Mustang MakerSpace has been open in the AM before school, noon hours, and after school times, along with during their regular library scheduled times. Needless to say the pens have certainly been used a lot! I also provided challenges that stretched their imagination. 

With the Bloxel sets donated, students first entered the Bloxels national contest "KVGM17", in which they had to design video games based on "what the future holds for them". Games created included animating characters--as heroes & villains, designing hidden caves and secret levels, and writing story lines such as a "Mission to Mars", Revenge of the Evil Peanuts & more! Out of the 2,500 entries, our students did not win, but wanted a school-wide contest. So, they continued to work on their games and many students at Lake Agassiz voted on their favorite game. The winners were so excited when they won their very own Bloxels sets. 

We also held "Lake Agassiz STEAM days" in April. Students in grades 3 & 5 classrooms taught K and grade 4 students how to create and play their video games created with the Bloxels sets. This was such a powerful learning experience that promoted "Everyone's a teacher, everyone's a learner".

The students and myself thank-you very much for donating and supporting the "creativity" these items have provided for many students at Lake Agassiz Elementary School. Know that it brought smiles to kids faces, excitement, and learning opportunities that otherwise could not be experienced.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Johnson

From the Students


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