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Legato Digital Piano with ESS1 Essentials Pack - Woodwind and Brasswind

From the Teacher

As you can see from the pictures shared we have a room set up for the pianos we have received so far. As of now we only have a few piano keyboards so they are being used as a sort of club. The kids who are really into piano come in before school in the mornings and learn their favorite songs. Currently during the school day the piano time is limited but there are a few students who have created their own projects to do with the pianos in place of a music appreciation project. All of the students involved with the pianos are motivated to learn and are truly enjoying themselves on them. 

The students were happy to see the pianos when they first arrived, it's always fun to see students react to something new. Some students smiled and stared, others right away had to figure out what each button did to the sound and what each feature was. In the mornings there are always a few students that just watch the other students play and make comments. You can see the interest of other students start to build as they see their friends playing songs they know from movies or the radio.

Currently we are looking into a way to circulate the students in general music classes so they each get a chance to experience playing on the keyboards at least once. This will most likely include a sort of worksheet they can complete as they learn the keys of the piano and a simple song. A longer term goal will be to increase the number of piano keyboards so it will become a more prominent part of class and so kids will get more time with the pianos and be able to use them to learn the basics of music theory and enjoy making music. Thanks for your donations that made this possible and I hope you'll consider contributing in the future as well.

With gratitude,
Mr. Y.

From the Students


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