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Classroom 193

From the Teacher

The day I brought the art easel into the classroom, I was determined to put it up myself. I got all but one side completed and needed help to finish putting it together. The easel sat in the classroom for a couple of days while I sought aid. The first day the kids walked in to see it, they were so excited! But it also taught them patience, because they had to wait for someone to help us finish the project. 

The first week it was up, it was apparent that this new addition to our classroom was just what we needed to keep our social center time running smoothly. As I was helping a student, I heard, "I'm gonna paint a dinosaur!" And she did! A big green dinosaur filled her paper and a she smiled from ear to ear. By the end of the year and the end of the ream of paper, I had a group of kids ready to paint, but I was short 1 piece! Two sweet boys in my class said, "We'll paint together!" And they had more fun painting with each other than they ever had painting alone! They went to work and what came out was a Big Black Hole....which then got our class into quite the discussion! EVERYONE wanted to know what a black hole was!

What came of your donation, is exactly what you were hoping for--love, laughter, imagination, creativity and pure childhood joy. I wish every teacher could have such an amazing addition to their classroom! It is with sincerity that I thank you for your kindness and generosity.

With gratitude,
Ms. Denny


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