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Classroom 197

From the Teacher

My students and I are so thankful for your donations! The Nikon camera that was purchased for our class has been such a blessing. The Advanced Placement Studio Art students use it everyday. Thankfully, the package purchased included an extra battery because they use it in every class period. Some students have used it to take pictures of their hand drawn artwork. Other students are creating art using the camera as their "medium." 

Because it is has both automatic and manual capabilities, the students have even learned how to use aperture and shutter speed settings to enhance their pictures. Those students tease about knowing what it was like in the "old days." Other students are enjoying the ease of use in the automatic functions and in the wide angle & telephoto attachments. They have been so excited to use the "BIG" camera as they refer to it.

The students feel so professional and though they can't afford the technology at home, they are trying out new apps on their cell phones just so that they can use what they've learned with temperature, ISO and shutter speed settings. It has impacted these students and has enticed other into taking my class. Three students just this week have approached me about doing a photography class. 

We can not thank you enough for the change you have contributed to in this group and future groups of art students.

With gratitude,
Mrs. LeGros

From the Students


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