Classroom 199

From the Teacher

Thank you for the donation to supply the sewing machines. The students are so excited about the activities that we are doing with them. We have close to 90 students and had to limit the Fun activity one day to 45 students, with the promise of more opportunities in the future. With volunteers coming in to help them understand how to use the machines, the students are learning and excited.

I have incorporated the sewing into my math measurement unit and they can't wait to get the work part done, so they can begin to make their pillows (all about the area and perimeter and real world implementation). After we each make pillows, they are bringing in their favorite materials, along with some donations, to make shorts and skirts during the last few weeks of school.

Thank you so much for giving these kids opportunities, that they may never have had. We really do appreciate it.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Jones

From the Students

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