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Diatonic Alto Glockenspiel with Mallets (2)
Diatonic Soprano Glockenspiel with Mallets (2)

From the Teacher

I was having a typical day when my Donors Choose package arrived. My students were so excited and could not wait to open the package. There was so much enthusiasm surrounding our new glockenspiels! The wide eyes and joy expressed by my students touched my heart. I allowed the students to use them the first day they arrived. One student said: "These are so pretty! I love the way they sound! They make me think of Tinkerbell."

The goal of this project was to teach students how to compose music. I am calling them mini-maestros and teaching the skill to every grade level. I have taught music composition in the past but I always felt like my students were lacking appreciation in music composition because they were unable to hear what they had written. 

Thanks to the wonderful donations of thoughtful people, the music room has four brand new glockenspiels. As I am teaching the basics about music composition, I am allowing the students to take turns using the glockenspiels to play the songs they have written. This allows them to hear what they have written and make musical decisions. They are able to experiment with different notes and rhythms. This allows them to evaluate what they like about their song and what they should change. 

My students have been developing teamwork skills as I often find them working with a partner. I will hear things such as, "Hey, do you like the way this sounds?" as one student will play his composition for another classmate. The classmate will give feedback and they work together to create a beautiful piece of music. The overall quality of their compositions have been improving since we received the new glockenspiels and I am sure they will continue to improve each time we meet. 

I am so very thankful to every donor who graciously gave to my students. My students love coming to music to use the new instruments. I love watching my students make connections between what they wrote on the page and how to play it on the glockenspiels. It seems like every day I get an "A-ha" moment as the children learn how to use the instrument. It is with deep gratefulness I stay thank you. I truly appreciate everything that you have done for my students.

With gratitude,
Ms. Hedges

From the Students


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