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Classroom 231

Classroom Details

Golden Valley, AZ
Donation: $180


Blickrylic Student Acrylics - Basic Color Set, Pack of 6, Pints (2)
Nature Print Paper Print Papers - 5" x 7", 30 Sheets (3)
Armour Etch - Glass Etching Kit (1)
Elmers Glue-All - 32 oz (1)


From the Teacher

My students were all every excited to see the new materials. They came just in time! I had already exhausted the small pint Acrylic paints I had from home as well as paints donated by parents. We were worried we would have to stop the painting unit early due to lack of supplies. Thanks to your company we were able to continue. 

Our next unit will incorporate textiles, glass etching and exploring different personal interests of my students. I am always working hard to incorporate writing into my curriculum as well. Keeping in line with this, my students will be exploring creative writing predominately poetry. Thank you again because of your help they will be able to fully realize their artistic interests.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Shepherd

From the Students


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