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Classroom 236

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Coral Gables, FL
Ms. Angulo's Classroom


Dell - Inspiron 15.6'Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i3 - 6GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive - Black (1)
Scholastic News, Grade 3 (min. 10 subscriptions per order) - 24 Issues / Min. 10 Subscriptions / Grade 3 (11)
JLab Audio - JBuddies Folding On-Ear Headphones - Blue/Gray (4)

From the Teacher

We are in receipt of our wonderful materials, and we are so grateful to all the donors who allowed this project to become a reality for our classroom. 

The students have embraced the computer with so much joy. They are using it to connect to on-line resources, in conjunction, with their Scholastic Magazines. What a great surprise it was to have it arrive right after our winter break. Navigating the computer has been a great hands-on-experience. It has enriched the learning in the classroom, and the kids have found endless possibilities in finding resources for class activities and for upcoming projects.

The "BLUE" headphones was an "instant" hit with the students because it has allowed them to choose different characters to snap on the headphones and make them their own. These headphones have allowed students to become more focused when working on their technology programs during computer time in the library and occasionally in the class with borrowed computers. One of the kids stated, "we have the coolest headphones in our entire school".

We just received our Scholastic News! The students are in love with the current events told by kids reporters. This has enriched the students learning, and will definitely make a tremendous impact with reading that will connect them to the world. They have just read about the upcoming Olympics and are now excited anticipating the Opening Ceremony.

Thank you for helping me make a positive impact in the educational lives our the students.

With gratitude,
Ms. Angulo

From the Students


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