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Classroom 242

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Nampa, ID
Donation: $434.81
Ms.Corvo's Classroom


Kid's Percussion Rain Forest Floor Tom (2)
12 Colored Scarves (3)

Littlestar Tambourine (6)
Vibra-slap (1)
Kids Wood Block with Mallet (3)



From the Teacher 

Students are in love with their instruments! They are so excited at every opportunity to use them. I was initially so impressed with how well students were doing with sharing and trading, but my most dramatic Wow! moment was when I realized the extent to which these instruments set students free. The unbridled enthusiasm and chaotic joy is a touching and endearing sight to behold. As I continued to observe and take photos I saw totally different dimensions to many students than I had seen before. Typically very animated students were deep in quiet exploration with an instrument. Typically very subdued students were running around playing with others with great liberty.

When I first told students that you had purchased these instruments just for them, they were confused. I explained the DonorsChoose program and process, and their eyes lit up. The one class that had the pleasure of opening the packages of instruments took such great care and made sure to save any printed materials that were in the package with an instrument. Then came play time - what one student now likes to refer to as "get crazy time"!

Many students have already pointed out to me how their instruments are just like the "big kid" instruments. They are drawing important connections to what is coming their way in the next few years. Some of them are still in "play" mode for their entire time with the instruments, but others are beginning to create more academically musical moments with their peers: organizing themselves, working together with different instruments, sharing how to play particular instruments that are tricky to figure out. I look forward to many more years' worth of kindergarten classes making use of these instruments.

The students and I thank you again!

With gratitude,
Ms. Corvo

From the Students



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