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Classroom 245

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Parsons, KS
Donation: $155
Mrs. G's Classroom


 Listening Center Headphones - Set of 8 (1)

From the Teacher

Our new headphones have been amazing! So far, all of my first and second grade students have had the opportunity to use the new listening center a couple of times. We have listened to a few different classical musical selections, and then completed a worksheet about what we heard and how it made us feel. The headphones were an amazing success! 

First and foremost, the headphones have helped my students focus on the music by blocking classroom distractions. My students have really enjoyed the listening examples, and I believe a big part of that is being able to focus properly on what they were hearing, instead of being distracted by other students. 

Second, the headphones have given my students the opportunity to adjust the volume of the music for themselves, so they can have the music as loud or as quiet as feels comfortable. Several of my students are sensitive to loud noises, so this is a fantastic way I have been able to accommodate for them. We really appreciate this donation to our school - thank you so much for your support!

With gratitude,
Mrs. G.

From the Students



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