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Classroom 229

Classroom Details

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Donations: $257
Mrs. Boukma's Classroom


Super-Safe Craft Tape Center - 1/2" (1)
Letters, Numbers & Shapes Giant Stencil Box (1)

Lakeshore Easy-Grip Sponge Painters -Uppercase (1)
White Drawing Paper - 9" x 12" (3)
Mold & Play Moon Sand (1)
Craft Tape Pack - 1/2" (1)
Foam Sensory Paint - 5-Color Set (1)
Regular Dot Art Painters - 6-Color Set (1)
Watercolor Paper (1)
Best-Buy School Glue - Quart (3)
Natural Tree Rings(1) 

From the Teacher

My students are so blessed to have these materials to use daily in small group, large group and during choice time. When they first see something knew that is brought out they are cheering and waiting in line to be able to use them. It is like Christmas everyday in the room. So much excitement and enjoyment from these materials!!The play dough has been a huge hit in the classroom for all students. They are able to use different tools to use their hands to make creations of their choice. We have a lot of tools to cut the play dough, to roll it and to use cookie cutters of different animals and shapes. They really enjoy working with it during small groups as an individual activity. During free choice time we get out the Alphabet Painters to assist with our letter and sound focus for the week which is helping us be more creative with our learning. The colored tape is also a really fun activity. During small groups we go out in the hallway and make our own type of lines on the floor. Then we take turns practicing our balance and walking the lines with our friends. 

A few student quotes when using the materials are: I am making cookies for the party. I have a cat and a star. Look teacher I made a snowman with play dough. It's a beautiful sunset (using foam paint). I made a pattern with these dots. See red blue red blue (dot painters). I made a huge triangle (using colored tape on the floor), let's walk around it.

We plan to continue using thee items in fun and creative ways to support our fine motor development, cognitive development and of course our creativity. Thank you so much for making this happen!!! We cannot thank you enough!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Boukma

From the Students


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