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Classroom 253

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Bar Nunn, WY
Donation: $466.82
Ms. Christensen's Classroom


Staples Duramark Permanent Markers, Chisel Tip, Black Ink, 12/Pk (1)

From the Teacher

We are very grateful for the donations we received. As a teacher in a Title 1 school, it can be challenging to get school supplies. Many of our families are unable to send the yearly supply materials requested. I am so thankful that there are kind and generous people willing to help out children in need. We have used the new dry erase supplies and pencils every day! We also loved the big box of crayons to illustrate our writing. The dry erase supplies make it easy for students to work along with the teacher, and I don't have to make numerous copies day after day. We use our folders that were gifted to us to organize our materials for our problem-based learning projects, our reading materials that we work on each day, and our math manipulatives/handouts that we use daily. The heavy chart paper and permanent markers are used to explain new topics in reading, math and writing. They work great to give examples, provide directions, model strategies for math and reading and provide writing samples. The charts are then hung up around the room for students to use as future reference when solving math problems, writing essays and stories, or understanding a comprehension skill for reading. I have used the sheet protectors and folders to organize my materials to be used over and over. This helps save on printing costs! The sheet protectors work great for keeping student work in data binders to show to parents at conferences and family nights. Thank you so much for your support and help. The school supplies provided were much needed and have helped to alleviate some of the expense for me.

With gratitude,
Ms. Christensen 

From the Students


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