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Classroom 262

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Mannford, OK
Donation: $581.61
Mrs. Frank's Classroom 


Crayola Artista II Liquid Washable Tempera - Neutral Set, set of 3, 8 oz bottles (1)

From The Teacher 

All of my students really appreciate the opportunity to work in clay. They have had a 2-D experience, but modeling in sculpture clay is a wonderful and new creative exploration.

I have 130 students sculpting something related to the War Bonnet equine Rescue. They were moved by the presentation on War Bonnet and the pictures of recovered horses. They were even more thrilled by their ability to get involved by sculpting a horse bust or full body figure.

Here in Oklahoma, we have a lot of natural red clay. It is a quite beautiful natural resource. The clay you so generously donated to my students, is also red, making it a natural medium for them. Students asked, "This is for us?" and "Why did they give clay to us?", when they opened the boxes. I told them that the generosity of some people moves them to give to others.

They were also very grateful for the nice new carving tools and brushes for the final pigment application.

The next steps for students is to see what the large horse sculpture looks like on display in our local bank lobby and also in the lobby at a nearby city hospital.

Students have enjoyed writing about how they contributed to equine rescue efforts. They are encouraged to give in the future toward animal welfare in their community. Many thanks again for your generosity.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Frank

From the Students


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