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Classroom 263

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Cleveland, OH
Donation: $89.93
Ms. Cardwell's Classroom



The Glass Castle: A Memoir (30)

From the Teacher

Thank you so much for helping my class get our hands on the novel "The Glass Castle"! It means so much to have nice, new books to get excited about. This story has made a big impact in our classroom because for the first time, I was able to get 100 students excited to read the same book at the same time! All of the kids loved Jeanette's story and connected with it on many levels.

In the classroom we have been able to read the novel, connect with all the members of the Walls family and each student wrote a long, in-depth, quality character analysis paper. We were able to take the entire 11th grade to a viewing of the new movie based on the novel. All the kids had a great time...but what was more exciting was to hear "the book was better"!!!! 

Thank you again. You did not have to donate, but you did. It really will make an impact for years to come. I have seen how this book has connected to my current group of students and I look forward to seeing future grades come through and make connections of their own.

With gratitude,
Ms. Cardwell

From the Students


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