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Classroom 267

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Union City, NJ 
Donation: $281.78
Ms. Collova's Classroom 



From the Teacher

My students and I have been meeting once a week after school to have a specialty art class that is powered by the supplies you funded. We are getting started with the printmaking kit and my students are very excited. I have noticed they are actually talking about the project in other classes and making the other students jealous with their exciting art adventures! We are starting to carve our blocks to make prints and it's something they would never have the chance to do outside of this class and without your help! They couldn't believe that they were going to be able to carve their own linoleum blocks. They are so used to only seeing and hearing about new experiences. I am glad that they can participate in this one!

I am hoping it leaves a lasting impression on my young artists. Art really has this amazing ability to carry you away into a different world. You become so mindful of your thoughts and actions while getting into an art project and I hope my students remember this comfort when they need it. 

We will be inking our blocks soon to make prints out of our drawings. The work will be on display at our district wide art show and I hope they will make their school, parents, and art teacher proud!

With gratitude,
Ms. Collova

From the Students



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