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Omaha, NE
Donation: 450.78
Mr. Mihai's Classroom


From the Teacher

Thank you for your willingness to invest in my classroom. We received all the supplies right after we came back from winter break and my students are ready to do some amazing science projects. We have not started using the resources you have so graciously provided for us due to curriculum pacing and state testing. 

My students were extremely excited seeing all the materials we received. We will start our properties of light rotations the first week in April, followed by investigation opportunities into lenses and mirrors. This year is the first time when the students will have sufficient materials to properly investigate mirrors, lenses and the spectrum, and I truly look forward to seeing their reaction.

I really appreciate your help and I am very grateful for your willingness to step up and change the world!

With gratitude,
Mr. M.

From the Students


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