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Classroom 272

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Darby, MT
Donation: $348.91
Mrs. Gardner's Classroom


Snark SN6X Clip-On Tuner for Ukulele (Current Model) (5)

From the Teacher

Thank you so much for your donation to my project "Connecting to Creativity and Teamwork Through Music." Through your donation my music classroom received five ukuleles with tuners and cases. When I first showed the students the new ukuleles they were thrilled, and they were ready to try them out right then and there. 

Since their arrival we have begun using them in the classroom. Playing the ukulele requires a more advanced level of musicianship, and my students are beginning to see that learning this new instrument requires a lot of patience, persistence, and practice. My students are ready to take on this challenge and are motivated to learn. Some of my students have even started coming in on their free time to practice. 

I have put together a ukulele ensemble of my ten most dedicated students. We are learning a version of "You Are My Sunshine" to showcase at our upcoming Spring Concert in May, and hold practices every Wednesday during lunch recess. Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for my students and I to teach and learn from each other.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Gardner

From the Students


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