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Kapolei, HI
Donation: $708.08
Ms. Miciak's Classroom


Canon - Camera Bag - Black (1)

From the Teacher

We are delighted with your generous donation which enabled us to purchase a DSLR camera for our photography class. With this gift, we have been able to better understand the works of the DSLR camera and take creative, high quality photographs. 

My students and I are thrilled for the opportunity to use the Canon T6 Rebel DSLR camera in our class. After we opened the box with the new camera, my students instantaneously got very excited about their new photo equipment. They knew the Canon Rebel T6 came with the 18-55mm lens, and they were ready to test this camera and the lens immediately. From the beginning of this school year, we have explored various types of photography. Lately, my students developed a fondness of taking water drips photographs. To be able to take pictures like that, they needed to use DSLR camera like the one they received from you. Because of this new equipment, it was relatively easy for me to teach them the elements of exposure (one of the most difficult concepts in photography), which is the essential part in successful water photography. To take water drops photographs, my students needed to know how to set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO correctly. The anticipation of taking cool photographs helped my students to learn the new settings to achieve great water drops shots. 

In addition to water drops photography, students were also involved in learning how to take great portraits. Again, Canon Rebel T6 was a great camera for them to use for close ups and experiment with creative portraiture. 

I believe that the Canon T6 was very instrumental in my students' success with both of types of photography. They produced fantastic photographs. 

Because of the new DSLR camera, my students were highly motivated with their work on both projects. In addition, my most intimidated students who were not interested in taking pictures at the beginning of the school year were also taking turns in using Canon T6 to experiment with the camera.This camera became a classroom "companion" to many of my students in class and outside of class as well. 

I have no doubts that, thanks to your generous donation, we have been able to improve the learning environment in our classroom, stimulate my students artistically, as well as foster love of taking great photographs. For that we THANK YOU!!!!

With gratitude,
Ms. Miciak

From the Students


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