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Classroom 290

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West Allis, WI
Donation: 132.31
Ms. Gandre's Classroom


Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele with FREE Deluxe Stronghold brand soprano uke soft case gig bag (1)

From the Teacher

Thank you so much for donating towards our ukuleles! The students in my general music class are loving being able to put all the knowledge they have learned on paper into practical application. So far, we have put our rhythm knowledge to use in strumming patterns, read notes to figure out which string to pluck, and heard the chords we built at the beginning of the year! Currently, students are working on a semester project where they picked a popular song, and will strum the chords along with the music video. 

My students were so excited when I introduced them to the new instruments! Many of them had wanted to play ukulele in the past, or knew someone who already played. They were eager to learn themselves, and many were already thinking of songs they wanted to try. It was definitely a wonderful moment! 

As we move to a new semester with new students, I would like to include more ukulele early on in the curriculum. The ukuleles will be used to teach note reading, hands on chord structure, and more composition projects. Often, music theory and composition is a difficult subject to teach, especially as early as 6th grade. Hearing the notes, chords, and rhythms come to life will make it easier to understand! I am also planning to put together an ensemble project using the ukuleles, bucket drums, and body percussion to put our own spin on some popular songs.

Thank you again for your donation. Seeing these young musicians blossom is always such a reward!

With gratitude,
Ms. Gandre


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