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Classroom 306


Classroom Details:

Denver, CO
Donation: $225
Dr. Marion’s Class


Richseon Bulk Pack Watercolor Paper - 6” X 9”, Pkg of 850 sheets  Chromacryl Acrylic Essentials - Primary Colors, Set of 6, Half gallon  Chroma 2 Washable Tempera - Cool Colors, Set of 5, Half gallon  Prang Watercolor Pans - Oval, Assorted, Set of 8 colors (20)  Blick Canvas Panel - 8” x 8” (50)

From The Teacher

Dear Public - Supply,

Wow. It’s so incredible to see the support that’s out there. My students will be so amazed at your response to this request—I’m pretty much speechless myself. I know they will be eager to share their gratitude and artwork. They will feel so valued and loved.

With gratitude,
Dr. Marion

From The Students



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