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Classroom 323

Classroom Details:

Barron, WI
Donation: $250
Mrs. Schneider's Classroom


Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils - Set of 24 (x10) • Prismacolor Pencil Sharpener (x15)

From The Teacher

Dear Public - Supply,

Thank you so much for contributing to our classroom. My students are so excited to dive into colored pencil drawing in a few weeks. We talk a lot in class about quality supplies, treating supplies with care and respect, and proper use and storage of supplies. My students are so great with this! Prismacolor colored pencils are top tier colored pencils and my students know they are lucky to have access to such great supplies. The sharpeners will help us care for them properly. We will start out with learning how to blend and overlap these colors. Then we move on to colored pencil candy drawings. Kids do such a great job blending and overlapping colors when the colors are so rich and vibrant! Thank you for providing us this fantastic opportunity!

With gratitude,

Mrs. Schneider

From The Students


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