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Classroom 330

Classroom Details:

Mathuen, MA
Donation: $100
Mr. C's Classroom


Epson PowerLite Classroom Projector with HDMI • Sony Blu Ray Player with Wired Streaming • Panasonic HDMI Convert DVD Player 

From The Teacher

Dear Public - Supply,

I can't thank you enough for your generosity in the funding of this project for the students at the CGS. The excitement when this club started was immeasurable. It was our first year with the club which ran for 12 weeks. We were able to open the club up to all of our students and it was well received. One of the comments that stuck out to me on the first day was when a student stated "I've never belonged to a club before." THIS is why I do this job. The enjoyment, sense of belonging, discussions and team building were all amazing. Many times the niche interests of students are overlooked and we have found and developed one of these.

The club is over for this year but next year will be in full force and now, with your generous donations, make this complete. The one thing that we advertised was the ability to play and discuss the students favorite anime. This completes that promise.

Thank you again for all of your generous support.

With gratitude,
Mr. C.


From The Students

student drawingstudent drawing


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