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Classroom 307

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Elmhurst, NY
Donation: $215
Mrs. Camhi’s Classroom


Pilot Enso Watercolor Brush Pen Hand Lettering Kit - Set of 8 (25)

From The Teacher

Dear Public - Supply,

My students were so excited to try out our new materials during art class! We have not done much work with watercolor so not only was this a new material, but also a new visual arts technique for students to experiment with! A nice thing about these watercolor brush pens is that they are not terribly different from sharpies or other familiar pens. However, when the students added water to their drawings, their faces lit up with surprise and awe! The pens were magically turning their work into a watercolor painting!

We started by sketching simple animals to build confidence and play around with how the pens worked. I would love to develop and foster their own creativity by giving them opportunity to draw and design their own ideas and see how else we can use these watercolor brush pens in our artwork!

With gratitude,

Mrs. Camhi

From The Students



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